2014-15 Teams

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The 2014-15 Parity Jamboree will take place from Friday Nov. 21'st - Sunday Nov. 23rd. The schedule is currently be generated and will be released on Wednesday November 12th.

Below is a current list of teams for the 2014-15 season. If your team is not listed please contact the league office immediately!

Acton-Boxoboro 6th 
Acton-Boxoboro I
Acton-Boxoboro II
Andover Blue 6th
Andover Gold 6th 
Arlington Trojans 7th
Bedford 6th 
Bedford I
Blaesers 6th 
Burlington 6th 
Burlington 7th 
Burlington 8th 
Chelmsford 6th 
Concord/Carlisle I
Danvers 6th 
Gate City Monsters 6th 
Gate City Monsters 7th 
Groton/Dunstable 6th 
Groton/Dunstable 7th 
Groton/Dunstable 8th 
Jr Astros 6th 
Jr Astros 8th 
Lexington 6th 
Lexington I
Lincoln-Sudbury 6th
Lincoln-Sudbury 6th II
Lincoln-Sudbury 7th
Lincoln-Sudbury 8th
Littleton 6th 
Littleton 7th 
Littleton I
Lowell Chiefs 6th 
Melrose 6th 
Melrose 8th
Menotomy Patriots 6th
Methuen 8th 
Newton 6th 
Newton I
Newton II 
No Middlesex Pats 6th 
No Middlesex Pats 7th 
North Andover 6th 
North Andover 6th II
North Andover 7th 
North Andover 8th 
North Reading 6th 
North Reading 8th 
Reading 6th Black 
Reading 6th Red
Reading 7th 
Reading 8th 
Salem Warriors 6th 
Saugus I
Somerville I
Wakefield 6th 
Winchester I
Winthrop 6th 
Winthrop 8th 
Woburn 6th 
Woburn 8th 
Woburn II
Wolfpack 6th
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